UPDATE: The 36th street Claire’s has reopened after a cease and decease notice halted their reconstruction.

Most stores that file for bankruptcy have massive sale where products are highly discounted but Claire’s went out with a whimper.

By Yvette E

So we all expected some mass Claire’s sale so we could stock up on blind bags and cat ears but a quick Google search shows that all locations are already closed.

So what’s next for the Tween brand? We ran over to twitter and all we got was a link to thier European stores twitter page suggesting the brand just cleared out of America.

In any case, Claire’s Europe must be running the website which is still online even though both accounts have not been updated in months. But all hope is not lost. I recently stopped by 37th and 7th Ave Claire’s in NYC and had a sign stating “closed for renovations”. Possibly, the store may be rebranding itself.

Stay tuned for more information about Claire’s and if you have information about your local store, drop it in the comments below.

Happy Friyay 💋

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