Wearing white after Labor Day is no longer a fashion no no but wearing the color past fall into winter is like wearing camouflage in the snow. So here are some tips to rock a trend that may be on its was to becoming a wardrobe staple.

Tip # 1

Never wear All White

As we said, snow camouflage is not a thing. Break up that white outfit with cream hues and add some texture with a sweater.

Tip #2

Add a pop of color

Your bag and other accessory should pop. The statement of a bright bag during the darker hues of fall stand out while a white bag gets lost.

Tip #3

Play with Silhouettes

Pairing billowing styles with clean lines, adds dimension to your outfit. Stick to a neutral palette so the white is still the focus of the outfit. Introduce outerwear like caplets to your closet for extra glam appeal.

Tip #4

Pastels are neutral when wearing white

If color is not your thing (you live in black), try light pastel hues of darker colors like lavender or pink. Yes, get out of your comfort zone but not a shocking as a red bag.

Happy Friyay

(spending this weekend at the beach)

Yvette šŸ’‹

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