Okay, it is finally hot outside so how does a guy dress in hot weather without taking his shirt off or looking grimy in a sweaty tank top? We lined up three alternative out fits that will keep you cool and attractive.

The Khaki has it

Shorts or pants does not really matter, when it comes down to dressing cool they work well. Unlike jeans, they move and breath. Also, you can dress them up with a light button down or down with a striped tee.

For the Adventurous

These looks from Versace’s summer made we swoon. Try to recreate this look with baggy pants and a graphic tee. It is not tpo over the top but can say loads about your personality. Forever21 has a great selection of graphic tees while baggy pants can be found at H&M or Urban Oufitter.

Urban Chic

If the heat really does not bother you or like me, you are always cold, try urban wear staples. A sports jersey could be an alternative to the hoodie.


Happy Man Monday,

Yvette 💋

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