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We are back from our awe inspiring week long trip to Tokyo, Japan! Tokyo was a fashion blogger’s dream come true! Harajuku had such cute little boutiques, and adorable giggling school girls in their cute little uniforms! Shibuya crossing reminded me so much of my hometown New York City’s Time Square; except a little more people ( shocking as that is). I enjoyed the small malls with even tinier stores; namely La Floret and Shibuya 109. We will cover six brands we love and some we just discovered so I hope you enjoy!

First up is Korean Brand a Kol Me Baby that is based in Tokyo. I stumbled upon their store in Shibuya 109 while looking for plus sized brand Punyas and was mesmerized by their colorful and cool designed shop!  Their brand can be described as colorful urban/streetwear with a punk twist. They have oversized sweatshirts, checkerboard backpacks, fanny packs and duffle bags; hoodies with metal rings and giant tags hanging off to name a few of their pieces.Though the brand is described as being a girls Brand I can easily see men wearing the designs as well. Prices are $20-$70. I wanted everything I saw and I am sad to say they don’t ship internationally so if you are ever in Tokyo check them out.

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