I was in awe of the fact that recent parson graduates can put together a show for NYFW but the fashion fell flat. It wasn’t the atmosphere which was full of energy nor the clothes that were well made; it was the lack of voice…There was just no rhyme nor reason to the clothes that came down the runway.

So what did we expect…

JyX an east asian man meets a Southern Calfornian, Curuso..there was an expectation of bright patterns, bold colors and sexy silhouettes.

What we got…

A mix of classic ballgown, street wear, shock value and tossed in some unconventional male looks. The show had a schizophrenic feel, that was hard to look away (yes we stayed for the whole thing).

What we took away…

Street wear for men and women. The bright sweatshirts and button down shirts were a glimpse into the future of the brand. Check our Facebook page for the full set of images and our YouTube for the blog roll.

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