Pier 17 at south street Seaport was all a buzz as designers collaborate with Epson’s fabric printers.

Every year they pair thier printer technology with designers all over the world and to see what it can add to the design process. We picked 3 designers that stood out as best in show.

Lina Cantillo (Columbia)

The inspiration was obviously insects with a cool nod to the butterfly. We love the print treatment to the men suit and pant combo as well.

Emilio Mata (Mexico)

If sugar skulls were any hint that there was a gothic romance vein in Mexico, this designer proves that blood runs through that vein. Pair floral motifs with patchworks of darker hues makes this print treatment truly inspiring.

Candice Cuoco (USA)

Menswear gets an up-beat twist with galaxy prints paired with patterns like checker board and fabric treatments like acid wash.

Standard silhouettes are used but the surprise comes using suits instead of casual wear for the prints.

Check out our instagram page for more images (@tfgnyc).

Happy Friyay!

Yvette 💋

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