Plastic clothes, shoes and handbags? These once thought of as cheap vinyl fair gets a glam redo by top designers and we are in love ?.

And the styles range from the clear to the metallic and some with a cheeky pattern like those seen at Kenzo (above). All the vinyl clothes seems a final nod to the seventies; a decade fashion seems to be stuck in but still the unusual fabric is bond to add a little flair to your wardrobe and if you are a goth or alternative person, they are already in your closet (lucky).

Here are some tips for adding this trend to your closet:

  • Do not pair together; what works on the runway does not always work in real life.
  • Pair it with basics, a vinyl skirt with a wordy tee goes a long way.
  • For a safer look, stick to vinyl accessories like shoes and bags.

Have a fun friday,

Yvette ?

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