I know it is hard to think about spring with today’s icy forecast and if you are here in NYC, the misty rain, but fashion always shoulders foward.

So today we focus on too looks that were once not day time wear but all as changed as this Spring is all about rule breaking. We are talking about sequin and sheer clothing.

I always loved sheers and the new play on ruffles and light colors makes it easy for you to add it to your wardrobe. Here are some tips on utilizing the trend based on comfort level:

Level 1: Shy – Throw a shirt over and leggings underneath to just have enough sheer peek through.

Level 2: Lady – Okay, you want to show some stuff but leave a little to imagination. Wear a dress slightly shorter underneath and leave legs bare.

Level 3: Confident and Cautious – A simple slip underneath that is slightly sheer itself would make it more adventurous.

Level 4: Feminist – i.e. yes I am almost naked and you have no right steer. I love the idea of a lace bodysuit under sheers or a fancy bra and panty set. In the picture above, the model wears a bodysuit.

Slay all friyay,

Yvette ?

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