We all heard the white pants suit resurfacing as the go to outfit for easy effortless boss bitch but alot more adventurous items have made it into 2018. Yep, we are talking about the 3 patterns of this year and how to wear them.


Artistic vibes inspired patterns are all the range this year with adverse colors thrown together in a somewhat advant garde way. Think pink and orange, green and blue as well as yellow and purple just to name a few.

OUTFIT TIP: A full on dress or jacket (for men) will really make you stand out but for a more subtle look try a bottom in the print and pair with a bright color or netural hued top.


This 70’s print is back in full force and we love the neural colors mixed with brights colors, making it the easiest pattern to add to your wardrobe.

OUTFIT TIP: This print is best worn long, think maxi skirts and dresses.


Two neutral colors in one pattern means effortless glam! The way these colors are intertwined thos year goes beyond stripes and polka dots for a more emersive pattern as seen in ss 2018 Balmain collection (above).

OUTFIT TIPS: Go beyond stripes and dots for advanr garde, pop culture or newsprint themed prints. Pair with Vegan Leather accents for a tough girl look!!

Happy Fri-yay!!


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