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I have seen so many trends dieing and coming back ( looking at you 90s everything) and that’s cool but what about alternative clothing trends? I have noticed that new Faşhion trends always pop up( mostly starting in Japan) but these trends have staying power ( Lolita and fairy kei are examples). So I was pleasantly surprised when recently Pixie Locks ( Jillian) came up with Partykei; in which she combined glitter, faux fur and party wear and it’s been gaining momentum ( per her facebook group page Party kei that has over 2500 members) so I thought to myself what does everyone already own that I can make a trend out of that would have staying power?.Pajamas or Lounge wear?! So I combined Kei ( system or style in Japanese) with Pajama..Pajama kei

Pajama Kei wardrobe can be cute; think fuzzy onesies, velour sweatshirts and sweatpants. Or sexy; think negligees that aren’t too see through, frilly night gowns, slip dresses and silk or satin pj sets. All accessories for Pajama Kei should include sleep masks worn ascew on the head like a headband, slippers with rubber soles ( so you can wear them outside), fluffy or feathery scrunchies, jewelry & handbags, stuffed animal backpacks and purses held in your arms like your going to sleep. The best part about my trend is there is no set color palette! You don’t have to worry about colors cuz you can find pajamas in any color palette you like; you can stick to pastels, black or go crazy rainbow neon.the sky’s the limit! Let me know if you would try this trend and I have included some outfit examples..



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