After we spent several years making fun of unflattering wide leg, high waist and high crotch jeans; they finally have come into fashion with edgy names like tomboy, tomcat or stovepipe, just to name a few. Still, some brands call them mom. 

Luckily, mom jeans have gotten a makeover beyond the name with cool knee slashes, cuffs and more taper legs. We are even digging the fringe pant leg dets.

Here are tips of rocking these once forbidden silhouettes:

  1. Sweet add ons like lace cameos exaggerated the legs.
  2. Cropped tops make you look taller so add crop sweatshirts to bring style from Spring to Fall.
  3. STAY away from long jackets and coats.

As always if you take our tips, please #mjtfg to be featured on our instagram.

Happy Friday 

Yvette ?

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