The summer is the worst time for makeup; the constant stream of sweat has us reapplying every 5 minutes but these makeup trends may be worth the effort.

3 Eye popping shadow trends

There is no surprise that three of the 5 trends has to do with eyeshadow. The eyes have been the vocal point of makeup for some time perhaps because the eyes are “the window to our souls”. In any case, these were the three most pratical runway looks for you to steal this summer and have fun reapplying:

  • Three shades of color

In this look, we are adding 3 shades to the eyelid in contrasting warm and cool shades. The red and blue with gold overtones the model wears above gives her skintone a slight glow while accenting a cool undertone. I feel this look works best with primary colors but if you do play with orange, purple or green add thier primary cool friends (pair orange and green with yellow) around edges then follow with a cool color strip from brow to lid near corner of eye (try blue, orange and yellow).

  • Lower lid eyeshadow

Adding a shimmery eyeshadow to your bottom lid while your top lids remain natural seems so fresh. We would love to see gold on darker skin tones and bronze for those with a red undertone. We admit that silver seems a hard color to pull off but the model above has it down packed.

  • Inside the lines

Using eyeliner in unusual ways is back in a big way from tribal looks to cat eye. This time, eyeliner is not just for corners but it is also used in that narrow corner between the eye and the nose. For a even more drastic look, use color eyeliner. 

The blush

This trend has us all looking intially flushed. The idea is to add blush on a U shape from the cheek and up to the brow. The looks above are subtle enough that anyone can pull it off. For darker skin tones, use a bronzer with pink highlights to get a similar effect.

The shine

The trick here is to be completely nude in eyeshadow and lips then adding a shine stick to illuminate cheeks. I think this look will be the easiest to maintain through out the summer.

Happy Hump Day

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