We all love the holidays and we may not be the best gift giver but our thoughts are always with our love ones. We are also do have family difficult to shop for possibly because they have too much, expect too much or just want too much. If you have someone like this person on your list, beauty gifts are your best bet.

First rule of beauty gifts, avoid perfumes and lotions, scents are too personal to give plus body lotion may send the wrong message. We like practical gifts. For instance, my sister and fellow blogger just began using Korean face masks.


Dr. JART + face mask set 39.00

I love this face mask booklet of Dr. Jart+ for 39.00 sold at sephora.com. It’s the perfect gift for women who love to treat thier face and you get 8 mask!


Color me applicator 54.00 at macy's

If you happen to have a friend that loves makeup and wears it everyday then the “color me makeup applicator” could be the perfect gift. The applicator mimics an airbrush look and lightly applies any foundation plus you can find it at Ulta or Macy’s for just 54 dollars!


In any rate you can always go to Hello Mink and give the gift of making your own makeup. For 279 dollars, your friend can print out any color she took pictures of on her cell and turn it into lipstick, eyeshadow etc..

Happy Holidays!

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