We know we have not wrote a hair blog for sometime and so this week is all about hair! We will try to cover some male hair looks we saw on friday so stay tuned.


Backward hairstyle

Updos are still in vogue but this look is versatile to all hair lengths and textures. From a simple twist of a single strand to a dual strand pony tail, it can easily be pulled off. So just play with swiping your hair back and adding unique accents.


Knot your average hairdo

Forget the bun, tie your hair in knots and then do that classic roll. This look is more about texture then anything else so neatness is not an issue.


Ornate add-ons

Headbands, clips and barrettes are still in vogue and we love that anyone can accomplish this look. For classic, stick to slick black headbands, romance stick to floral or bow motifs, rock and punk should have spikes or studs, and casual stick to thin headbands especially metal ones. Lucite styles are made for vintage lovers.


Braid meets updo

This look is unusually but do-able and like the other looks, does not need to be neat. The trick is that this is the only look bobby pins are not suppose to be seen. So get a color matching your hair if you want to pull off this look.

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