It’s finally here and we have the five accessories to make it easier.

By Yvette E

The Hat

While men are finally embracing straw hats, women have taken to the bucket hat in fun and unexpected patterns.

The Shades

While larger lenses are dominating men fashion, the kitten is the go to sunglasses for women.

The Better Flip flop

With softer soles and no thongs, comfort and style is key. Pick up these TEVA-like sandals at every major retailer.

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The decline of topshop who closed its 5th Ave flagship last week is due to one thing and it’s shocking.

By Yvette E

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After hearing a rumor that topshop was modeling its clothes from Japanese designers ( where they earned the name “Chopshop”), I decided to no longer support the brand but I wasn’t alone.

Other then decling sales, the biggest problem that put an ax in the head of investors was 33 percent decline in profit and not because topshop sales were poor (only sliding 1.3%) but high overhead and…no online presence. Yep, once the stores closed..the retailer wasn’t making money.

Today, people talk about active moneymaking which means you keep making money even when you sleep. Without an online presence, Topshop wasn’t making money once the store closed. Topshop will be selling items with online retailer, ASOS (who is also experiencing a decline in sales for not establishing an offline presence and poor wearhouse conditions).

Despite closing 50 stores that have not been renovated in years, Topshop will still have over 400 stores with a massive lease overhead that is eating into its profits while its top competitors have less then 100 (Zara has 66 stores worldwide).

So let me know..when was the last time you went to Topshop?

Tag us or #TFTS to show us your topshop remix and maybe they will get some ideas.

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P.S. All US stores will be closed by August.

Fast fashion retailer, Topshop moves out and active wear brands are moving in.

By Yvette E

Puma has no local stores in NY area.

Topshop is closing their 5th ave location in just 10 days. Across the street are signs of Puma and Vince. (a liesure athletic brand) are coming this summer.

Vans and 5 & below also set up shop on the once iconic street know for high end retailers. Now you will need to make a trip to SOHO or the Upper East Side on Madison Ave to visit them.

Athough, Saks is still in the area, they are now the only place on the strip you can get highend brands.

The problem, raising rents which drove Lord & Taylor to close and company WeWork to take over the lease.

Couple that with higher paycheck federal taxes and the dual state taxes, it’s getting to expensive to wear your hobby or wear work clothes (high end designers supply niether).

So what do you think will be the next phase of 5th ave?

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would you wear a sheer shirt for spring? If you’re confident enough to go just may work for you.

By Yvette E

The sheer shirt trend has finally hit the male runway and we are obsessed. Plus we love the every day bods of the male models suggesting lean bodies can rock this trend.

If you do try it out #tfgsheer and you could be featured on our Instagram and facebook page.

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Unpredictable weather may get you down but the fashion industry is capitalizing on it.

By Yvette E

Knitwear was once a season affair starting in September and ending in February while fading to a bright cropped number but that has changed.

I walked into Zara and saw those cropped sweaters on sale til the middle of April and I am not the only one noticing it.

The Telegraph wrote back in 2017:

Did you pack away your summer clothes and reinstate your winter warmers come the end of September? Nope, me neither.

I think I unpacked my winter wardrobe 6 times this year and still have sweaters in the wash. Here brings me to the point of this article. It is time to build a seasonless wardrobe. We have 3 items that we believe will take you from hot to cold (today’s low is 58, high 73) in one shot.

The turtleneck

I was surprised to see Marie Claire toting the turleneck as Spring wear even though I just wore one a couple of days ago. If the weather won’t peak pass 75, it’s a good option.

The Cardigan

The cardigan was said to have return about 3 years ago but for me and most of uppercrust society, they never went out of style.

Add this item to your bag for hot days (80s) and cooler nights (60s).

Light Cropped sweater

These sweaters have replaced the sweater vest and come with or without sleeves.

Look for fun prints to add a pop of color to your wardrobe.

The future does seem unisex when you look at these seasonless fashion concepts.

Happy Friyay!

This isca style file for the guys. The runway was filled with mismatched prints so we compiled an how to guide on getting the look right.

By Yvette E

We usually don’t do style files in a row but our readers seem to love it.

So how does one mix prints right? I love to say in three ways:

  1. Match the colors within the prints like our Asian model (second from right).
  2. Match a busy print with a subdued print like our middle guy.
  3. Or play it safe with a neutral and print combo which I view as cheating..😉.

Any way you happen to utilize this trend remember, it’s all about color so don’t do neutrals instead pick a color out of the print ( don’t do yellow shirt guy or far right guy).

I will be showcasing some great looks on our Instagram (@tfgnyc) as more do’s and Don’ts will be highlighted.

As always if you think you are an awesome mix master..#tfgmm and you could be featured.

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We love to highlight new fashion styles so today we will cover how to dress neogoth.

By Yvette E

Leather, studs and tulle with torn or distressed elements have been the trademark of goth for sometime but recent additions of satanic symbols has made goths synonymous with Satanist.

This false connection perpetrated by low priced brands like Dollskill has left rebels seeking other styles. Enter neogoth, a trending style first seen on the runway that pairs down goth to a more wearable and religious friendly look.

Neogoth is said to be influenced by emo and nu metal (think 3 doors down, Imagine Dragons).

So what does the style include?

  1. Black still rains supreme but white and red are used as well.
  2. Babydoll dress are a big thing. A high waist and cropped elements are also there.
  3. The holes are still a thing but more refined with netting, and pants made with spaces to show skin.
  4. Accessories are more important with an emphasis on ribbon necklaces and wide brim hats.

If you have embraced neogoth, #tfgbneog to be featured on our blog.

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It’s collab season and Van’s Harry Potter collab have left some houses out in the cold.

By Yvette E

Of all the houses featured in the collection, Gryffindor and Slytherin got the best treatment shoe wise but there are other things to love about the collection.

For one, I never seen so many products with the deathly hallows symbol which is on sweat shirts and hats.

If your house is hufflepuff, the black shoes with the badger patch shows no love but your house colors are also in the quidditch slipons with gold wing detail.

The best shoes really are not the houses but the patterns like the maurade map (harry potter was never up to no good as he swore he was).

The checkerboard gray and blue (officially the colors are bronze and blue) in the slipond ($70) for Ravenclaw is okay but since it’s my house feel like it has minimal design.

If you don’t find any thing at all, you can customize a hightop or a slipon starting at $95 since it’s an extra 15 to 20 to add your image.

There are only hats and socks for slytherin and Gryffindor which again seems circumspect. Although, a no show sock set of all houses are available for $20.

I guess I will be customizing my own ravenclaw shoes.

Prices start at 45 for kids and 35 for adults. Check out the collection online.

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First we saved then we splurged but will the economy bounce back?

By Yvette E

The death toll of retail stores is still rising with Dress Barn closing all their stores this year. The return of Wetseal shows a changing landscape as they join BeBe has an online only retailer.

And the tariff taxes making everything so expensive, eating seems a luxury. But I woke up yesterday on a shoe mission and found every end of season (spring never happened but ok) sale packed.

Is it the fear of the rising price of shoes (everyone had a pair) or the possible Mexican tariffs on the horizon?

So we ask our readers, what got you to the sales yesterday?

Happy Wednesday!💋