The spring runway is all about patterns so we are highlighting one and showing you how to wear it.

By Yvette E

Courtesy of Glowsly

The patterns of 2020 are numerous so we decided to bulk on Holiday shopping guides and party outfits to better get you prepared for next year. With this pattern, it will be easy to get a dress but if you are not the one to wear a dress then complete the looks with separates.

Here are some tips when wearing this trend:

  • If wearing a dress, pair with a shoe in the same color scheme of the pattern.
  • Don’t change your comfort zone. Play with fabric to get the comfort you want.
  • Don’t wear the same pattern in separates, chose a color from the base pattern instead.

BCBG Max Maria $149 @lordntaylor

Deparment stores like lord & Taylor, Nordstrom and of course Barneys (closing with 60%) all have this pattern on sale right now. Try it on in store before you buy, not just for fit but to prevent the closet regrets (unworn items collecting dust).

As always we love a good winter asymmetrical look so tag us on your image to be featured.

Happy Friyay!!πŸ’‹

We know it’s warm somewhere but not here. We collected cool coats for the season.

By Yvette E

CALVIN KLEIN (most affordable)

We love a great grey coat especially if you love night life. This coat is also short enough to show off your legs and those great pair of snow boots that you just had to invest (sorel, Frye anyone?)

Plus it’s on sale for $42 at Macy’s online right now down from $120.

FREE PEOPLE (most trady)

The utility trend is in high gear and we love the pockets on this puffer that allows you to skip the purse and at just $168, it’s a great value.

MONCLER (Most Luxe)

For the girl that wants to blow her bonus on one great coat, we found the cheapest Moncler at Saks for just…$1705!!

What girl doesn’t want a Moncler in thier closet?

AKASHA (Best handmade)

We always want to give some notice to handmade designers and we found this coat worth some praise, on etsy it’s just $162.51 and a besteller!!

Clickon the store name to purchase and Happy holidays from TFG!

Happy Monday!πŸ’‹

Sephora and Ulta have dominated the beauty space in the USA buy it is time for change.

By Yvette E

With a more curated approach to beauty brands, Space NK carries what Sephora does not, small batch brands made locally.

There seems a space missing for brands that can’t afford to produce quantities needed for big box stores and this is the place.

The prices are also more affordable. Briogea my favorite hair brand, is $5 cheaper here then Sephora and aren’t on Ulta’s shelves yet.

Influenster sent me to a small holiday party last night where champagne was poured and facials were given.

The box gift sets were the star for me starting at just $39 for 3 products.

Stop by 31 Prince Street to the cozy store and take a pic in front of thier neon rose mural.

Happy Holiday Shopping! πŸ’‹

It’s cold outside so we drape on an oblong scarf but they are having a moment beyond winter.

By Yvette E

Now that I am finally over the turkey coma. I am looking at the scarf in a whole new way. A friend admired my faux fur infinity scarf and asked me what it was called then asked what about the wide one that you can wear as a hood? A snood, I say. Then it hit me, alot of blogs take about how to wear scarves but none tell you the different kinds. These blogs focus on the neckerchief or the oblong but another wide scarf is having a moment across the spring runway, the shawl (no to be confused with a sarong which is long but narrow). So here are the 5 types of scarves.


These are the ones we wear in the winter and it is used in most knoting tutorials. The ends can have fringe, tassels or balls.


These wide rectangular scarves are sold on the streets of NYC during the summer and are considered great way to stay warm indoors. This scarf is actually worn around the shoulders.


These scarves are having a moment and can be used any season, the poncho and sweater shawl (sleeved scarf) are its winter cousins.


These circle scarves can be short and hug your neck and wide enough to wrap twice. A snood is actually a type of infinity scarf that can be wrapped twice creating a hood effect.


These short narrow scarves are just decorative and are used to accent an outfit. I bought a few from Henri Bendel before they closed. I also have one from Coach. These are strictly suited for spring.


These scarves are meant to wear around the hips and are related somehow to the shawl. They are usually worn with swimsuits.

For next year, get your hands on a neckerchief because these scarves are having a moment but not just on the neck…in the hair!

As always if you rock this scarf hair trend, #tfgsh and you could be featured.

Happy Hump day!πŸ’‹

For men put the flash back in the holidays and wear black and gold!

Hello Handsome readers!

The holidays are once again upon us and with it holiday parties and events! This season black and gold ensembles were everywhere for men so why not get the look for less and in different styles! We made sure to keep all the pieces under $60! Hope you find a look you will like to try..


The holidays are upon us and puff sleeves are the latest fashion trend to add flare to party dresses!

Hello Lovely readers!

The holiday season is once again upon us and with it comes all the holiday parties. This season the eighties are back strong with with power sleeves aka puff sleeves! Don’t worry these dresses aren’t your mothers tacky eighties prom looks; they are cut tighter, shorter and come in bold colors and fabrics with just the right amount of poof! We found some great pieces for under $70!

The black slip dress is the perfect look for us curvy babes this holiday so why not get it at a deal!

Hello my fellow curvy goddessThis season is all about looking effortlessly chic and sexy! The slip dress; popular since Courtney Love strutted across the stage in her baby doll version has made a comeback! The new version is a longer length and has different cuts and hems. Curvy girls yes we can rock this look by choosing a slightly looser fit so it hugs the right areas but doesn’t grip the belly and squeeze the boobs (my pet peeve) and also a longer length..Here I have found versions that are all under $50

Cold weather really surprised is this year with fall becoming shorter there isn’t time to shop for winter clothes. Here are some tips on using what you have.

By Yvette E

Layering has been the secret of keeping warm for sometime but it’s more important now than ever. We outlined 4 outfits that can work in today’s 50 to 20 atmosphere.

Here are the do’s:

  • Wear thermals. It may be strange to wear them when it’s 50 degrees but the weather is no longer that staple.
  • Stay away from denim and tees. Cotton absorbs moisture so it will make you colder.
  • Cropped jackets are useless.

So now we laid the ground rules, here are the outfits.

Summer maxi dress layering

If you brought that summer maxi dress, you can use it as the base of layering! Add a thermal, a matching turtleneck, fleece leggings and ankle boots. Wear a long jacket open when it’s 50 and close it when it gets colder.

That blazer you wore

You bared that blazer with biker shorts for summer but now a wool skirt or trousers can work better. Pair with velvet for a more elegant look. A velvet dress or skirt and a sweater with sweater leggings.

Summer crochet item

This was a way to say warm at the beach but now it needs to do double duty. For more holy knits, go to Foever21 and get a knit dress that is form fitting. I have some of these because they are get for layering. Depending on the weather, pair with a non bulky sweater and depending on the length, boots that fall below the hemline.

Keep warm!

Happy Wednesday! πŸ’‹

Winter is around the corner so buying a fall jacket just isn’t necessary now. Here are 5 ways to update the jackets you already have.

By Yvette E

These days everyone is preparing for another recession but the smart ones know it’s already here (11.99 for coffee pods!?). We are preparing by cutting back on purchases but we still want our wardrobe to look fresh.

So here are 5 ways to update that fall jacket.


Take it to the tailor and have it either shortened or lengthened. To lengthen, bring a piece of fabric with you that would complement the jacket. If you have a sewing machine at home, you can sew it yourself. No machine or money for a tailor. Use buttons and sew them to the bottom. Cut slots in the fabric you choose to attach to the jacket. Use hem tape to clean up edges. Walla! Shorten by using scissors and hem tape. Leave about 1/2″ to length you want for hemming.

All about the sleeves

Its been all about sleeves recently in fashion and switching up sleeves can add a unique look to an old jacket.

You can even hybrid a old sweater with it to get even better results.


With a little trim off amazon and a spray on fabric glue, you can update that fall jacket. Add bohemian themed trim will make it timeless. Add faux fur for a more elegant look.


Patches and studs are so hot right now. Instead of adding studs one by one, get a plastic stud sheet instead. Stick with thin embroidered patches to easily iron on. The thicker the patch, the harder it is to sew on.


Switch up details already on the jacket. It the jacket has a snap hood, there are places to replace it. Switch out buttons for new ones and you can even dye it a new color.

Updating a jacket and want styling tips? Reach out to use via email,

Happy Monday!πŸ’‹

Makeup is the next thing to become gender neutral but we know subtle is the answer for wear when it comes to men.

By Yvette E

Okay, those male makeup bloggers look alot like girls when they put on a face full of makeup and places like Korea and Japan, guys are wearing foundation to look younger (and keep their jobs longer) but is there a middle ground? Can a guy wear makeup everyday without getting teased by his friends or significant other? We picked 3 simple styles to play with right now that won’t make you feel weird.

Tinted lip gloss

Add it to your brow area or to your lips, it is a subtle pop of color without looking overdone. Try colors that match your undertone and stay away from red hues.

Brown eyeliner

We love this color eyeliner because its not as stark as black and can add a subtle highlight even on brown skin. Play with the brown colors to find your comfort zone.

Hair goals

We love the hair clip at Dior and wanted to see a guy try it IRL. I know it’s a stretch but replacing the paper with a clean part and the clip with a bobby pin perhaps?

How would make this look work in real life? I would love heat from you or tag us on Instagram if you are wearing the look and we will feature you on our page!

Happy hump day!πŸ’‹