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Romance is in the air and tomorrow marks the historical day when Meghan Markle becomes the first American and bi racial beauty to entire the royal family when she weds the handsome Prince Harry! Their love and happiness have placed a smile on everyone’s face and we are all so excited to finally be interested in royal news lol! Why not celebrate by donning a beautiful tiara? We chose ones that don’t look tacky or cheap without spending over $20! Tiaras are always in thanks to Courtney Love so here’s a chance to add one to your wardrobe without even scratching your bank account..

Hello My Guy Readers!

We are almost mid way through 2018 and the eighties trends are still alive and kicking; and now that Spring has arrived (Winter is still kinda butting in most places) pastel colors have been springing (hee  hee  couldn’t resist) up on streetwear and celebs such as Kanye West and Jared Leto. I know everyone has seen candy colored hoodies everywhere so I didn’t want to go with that staple. The windbreaker was huge in the eighties and now it’s made a comeback.Who can resist a lightweight jacket that’s water resistant, looks cool on most anyone and is super durable? How about adding some pastel to this? You can pair it with darker colors or go full on Easter egg; the styling is endless..Here are my picks below!

Hello my lovely curvy readers,

I was flipping through the pages of another glossy magazine when I came across a new trend for Spring; wear rainbow stripes with a candy colored twist. I loved all the beautiful pops of delicious colors that reminded me of those rainbow mints you would see in your grand mother’s candy bowl or a doctors offices back in the nineties when you were a kid.. What I didn’t see was any suggestions for plus sized or curvy women and that bothered me a lot! We can rock stripes just as well as any straight sized woman! There is a huge myth going around that curvy girls can’t wear stripes as it makes us look bigger..I wear stripes all the time and I’m a size 16 and I don’t look any bigger..So get out your wallets take our guide and go get some yummy rainbow stripes! I have chosen everything under $40!

Hello Readers!

If your like me I really don’t really pay attention to trends; I used to spend hours glancing through glossy magazines trying my best to copy very trend I saw and in the end I was a Faşhion nightmare lol..So as I have grown I now am so comfortable with my style ( Kawaii, Candy coated, pastel, unicorn, horror movie, goth punk doll) I don’t really need trends as much as I used too. I will try something every now and then but my best “trends” have come from ME! I have stumbled across some new styles by just not having anything to wear like with the trend I am about to introduce you too..Wearing mini dresses over maxi dresses!

I couldn’t find any of my beloved leggings one day when the weather went crazy and went from 95 degrees to 57!( this is Nyc people!!) and I wanted to wear this black flows mini dress..I got so frustrated I yanked it off and put on a black flowy maxi dress on and put the mini back on over it..bam! Not only was I super comfy but It looked cool too! This I realized can work with any two dresses as long they are in the same silhouette ( think flowing dresses and body con dresses together) It especially looks good if u pair a sleeveless mini over a long sleeved maxi and just think in Summer with all those annoying strappy maxis you can throw a mini dress over that is sleeveless so you don’t have to worry what bra to wear! Below I have styled some looks for you and let me know what u think!

(courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar )

It has long been believed that fringe and sequin were for special occasions but for Spring that usual night wear makes a daytime debut.

From feathery accents to hair like applications beyond the standard edge, we can see this look on every style:

  • Classic – try the all over subtle fringe (as seen in middle above) in tops or bottoms.
  • Punk/Rock has been wearing fringe for years so you really do not need my help (😉)
  • Romance think boho and go for edge looks like at Versace (left).
  • Vintage go for the top metallic fringe with the glammers for a 70s look.

If anyone tries the monster fringe please at me on instagram (@tfgnyc) cuz I just need to see this in #IRL.

Happy hump day,

Yvette 💋

At Louis Vitton (above) and other designers revealed this more exaggerated cat eye with its elongated lens as the “kitten”. The kitten unlike cat eye is less forgiving with a narrow and short brim between lenses and narrower lenses as well. So here are some varieties we love that are more versatile but remain true to the Kitten shape:

Loving the pair from Asos dubbed “small cat eye” for just $23. The wide rims make it a ease to wear.

Another great pair we found at zerouv with a flat bottom lense and a curved bridge. Great for people with high brides or wider nose while drawing attention away from eye bags. Just 9.99 (assorted colors).

Finally, for just 7.90 we love this pair from Forever21 with blue lens and a graphic design.

Spring is in the air,

Yvette 💋

With designers taking various stabs at this classic hairdo; we pulled 3 different ponytail looks right off the runway that you would love.

The Classic pony gets a slicker look at Loewe with a smooth pull back to a rather loose pony. The trick…no scrunchies! Tie with a cute ribbon for lady- like charm.

The double pony at Public School brings back the pony holder x 2! Leave some hair loose in the front to switch it up!

The Bungee pony tail is just like the standard pony but folded in half and fastened with bright colored pony holders ( the bungee mentioned). We think this look is for long hair but if you try it with midi hair, DM us on instagram @tfgnyc.

Happy Hump Day


We thought we would never see another fanny pack after we rocked them in high school but they are back with a more sporty look and new way to wear it.

The fanny pack as crossbody? Okay, designers just expanded the band to turn it to a crosdbody but we really thing this could catch on (for small breasted women any way, but we know most designers hate breasts any way).

Here are some tips to expand the length of the straps:

We found the above extender for buckle fanny packs at walmart for just 3.99. Buy two for extra length.

For chain fanny packs we found chain extenders at target for 4.99.

So Rock that fanny pack as a crossbody!

Happy Monday!

Yvette 💋

When we think satin, it usually brings to mind ballgowns or bombshells ( like Marilyn Monroe). This Spring channel your own inner bombshell with satin looks from the top designers.

Try these 3 satin looks that we adore right now:

The babydoll

Yep, the dress launched by songstress, Courtney Love, is back with lace detail! Pair with fishnet stockings to vamp it up or add a button down shirt with printed stockings for a babydoll innocent look! (romance, punk, goth)

the pant suit

A more classic way to wear satin, this look can seem pajamas-like if you are not careful. Leave the jacket open and add a cami for a relaxed look or a corset to vamp it up while still looking bedroom chic. (glam)

The Maxi

Try the sleeveless version of this dress and it becomes more versatile.

Happy Hump day,


NicoPanada is doing a capsule collection of its sportswear clothes and we are in love. Prices start at $89 dollars and the dress below is just $119!

The capsule collection only features only 14 pieces which are mostly dresses but the feminine sporty vibe reminiscent of Fenty and Lazy Oaf (a brand known for Sad Girl sayings on basic silhouettes with tulle detail).

The prices of this brand however is the most friendly! Nicopanda was launched in 2015 by fashion idol Nicola Formichetti. The collection is only available in select Macy’s and there are rumours the launch included a makeup line.

The collection launched April 15th and we can not wait to shop!

Happy Monday,

Yvette 💋