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Winter is finally upon us and all though coats can be bulky and unflattering; I am happy to say that this year the staple every woman needs; the puffer coat/jacket has seen an update! I have noticed slimmer fit, less bulkiness and new finishes and colors. I really love the new metallic finish I saw all over the runways this past February at New York Faşhion Wk. The Winters are brutal in New York and I often find myself traipsing threw blizzards in the name of Faşhion; so it’s nice to have a stylish coat to keep me from turning into a popsicle..I do however have to find this style in a plus size version as I previously wrote about.  I tried to keep my finds under $230 as coats can be expensive and it’s nice to have multiple options as I own several styles for different temps and my Andrew Marc puffer coat is on her last trip before she heads to Poshmark.. (on a side note if you want to see what I wear and get a chance to buy it my Poshmark account is Evadivacutie and if you use my code which is also my user name you can get $5 off your first purchase and right now my closet is 30% off bundles!) ok so below are my fave picks! Enjoy and let us know if you chose any of the coats I picked!


Hello readers

In honor of our new menswear Monday’s ( and because it’s officially freezing temps time!) I decided to share with you lovely male readers our picks for updating the Winter staple just about everyone has; the puffer jacket. This year we are seeing bold color combos, sleeker fit and metallic finishes that really bring a cooler more futuristic spin to an old favorite. The new versions have you looking much more polished while staying warm! Below are my pics and nothing is over $120! Hope you guys love my picks!



hello readers

Its finally the time of year for that frosty bite to the air! I love this time of year the most and relish the chance to update my coat and jacket choices. I do own a collection of faux fur jackets and coats (10 and counting…don’t judge me!) but I am always looking for warmer and eye catching designs. This year saw faux fur patterns in bolder and much more vibrant colors. I love faux fur for its versatility( you can wear over just about any clothing combo you can think of ; or leave it as your statement piece) and for how easy to care for it is (real fur is a nightmare to keep clean). I have scoured the internet to bring you my fave picks hopefully you find something you love!



hey readers!

It’s  almost time for Winter. If your like me it’s very difficult to find a coat that makes you look hot and keeps you warm! I always have to size up and then look super bulky when I add sweaters or hoodies under as I live in NYC and the winters are brutal! I did manage to find a coat from Andrew Marc last year that was cozy and kept me looking chic! So I have rounded up my top picks of flattering coats in different cuts, colors and styles; all to keep you warm, toasty and haute! Hope you agree!


Hello readers!

I am obsessed with menswear so when I came across A lookbook Online I had to get more info on the Korean Brand known as Vlades or Mooyul Vlad. I fell in love with their hard edge punk meets oversized street wear mash up. There wasn’t much I could find about the Brand; other then the label was started in 2012 by Korean designer Moo Yeol Choi and that many high end magazines such as Vogue have featured their line. They are also popular with Kpop bands and in the us Opening Cermony carries some of their line. They  prices aren’t too bad..most sweatshirts are $80 usd.

AHA Mercancile has given independent brands a voice for some time. Yesturday, they turned a slick midtown apartment into a holiday showcase fulled with slick home decor and decadent jewelry.

We sipped hot bourbon cinder while we perused some of what the site has to offer. Here are a few of our favorite things:

  • OYO box – which has various boxes that hold things that most other brands neglect, sunglasses and watches.

  • This beautiful hand blown glass bowl is part of our teranium goals with beautiful peaks inside, just $97.

  • A coffee set with real stone accents paired with real copper.

Check out Aha Mercancile for all your upscale holiday needs, www.ahalife.com.

As always, check our instagram for more images from the event at tfgnyc.

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Hats seem to be having a moment from the trademark beanie of every hipster to the wide brim hats of brooklyn bloggers, we seem them more as an addition to our identity, a homage to where we are going. So no surprise that the “it” hat as surfaced. Yep, each season has a hat we all covet (men and women) beyond the basball cap. This season, enter the beret. We saw it in both men and women fashion shows (and some unisex ones) and were thrilled about its resurgence.

Okay, for women, we saw them arrive about 2 years ago but recently men have started to spot them.

Getty image

So how do men make this hat look less feminine? Don’t wear it to the side which is how women commonly wear them. For men, a beret should be worn front to back, away from the forehead and resting on the neck.

Another excuse to rad your significant other’s closet.

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Three brands shared a singular launch party at Rothmans, recently a shop focused on tailored suits. We showed up for psychobunny, a leisure brand focused on polo shirts and hoodies.

Free food and drinks flowed but the biggest suprise was just how much Rothman’s was trying to varsify its clientele. T-shirts in the back plus cool skinny jeans in bright hues and various treatments, made the store less stuffy then its Gramacy location insinuated.

As for Psychobunny, prices ranged from 65 to 219 dollars and the small collection at the pop up ( just 1 table) means we still all have to hike to Nordstrom to shop the full collection.

It was a nice preview for Spring 2018 with a slight deviation from typical male neutrals ( we did see a navy blue shirt however) but with such a small showing, it is just too early to tell what Psychobunny has up its sleeve.

So guys, is Rothmans worth the hike from Union Square? Sure for great jeans and tees but not even your a fan of Psychobunny.

Happy friyay

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A vacation staple thrown into the back of your closet no longer describes this once kitschy souvenir of long gone beach days. The trick is that it has come into the foreground not as a shirt but as a jacket.

Stella McCartney, Mui Mui and other designers have turned the tropical print into studded and even crystallized versions of its former self and we are loving it! Plus the look is unisex!

The best part is that low prices markets like Forever21 have already picked up the trend. The jacket above is 24.99 at forever21.

Happy Hump Day

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It is men Monday on our blog and the rain here is making think of ways to look your best even when the weather is the worst. So here are three necessities to keep your swag even in wet weather.

A water proof trench

Belted or not, a trench coat that keeps water at bay is instantly chic. Plus it doubles as a got on those cool spring and fall days.

Modern Galoshes

We love these water shoes but high boots are no longer in style. Slip on these shoe-like hybrids for a more polished look.

Lastly, an umbrella with cool details always is in style.

Stay Dry,

Yvette 💋