We love reporting on new designers!! We also love to give our readers a glimpse of something new. So this NYFW season we journeyed to other shows besides the tents and landed at Style Fashion Week at the Intrepid. We saw many Project Runway Alumni  (will get to them soon πŸ˜‰) but we also some note worthy Asian Designers as well.

The clothes were stipped in traditional Asian silhouettes including wide belts, wide pants and a touch of Origami in layered dresses. I could see Japanese (obi belts), Chinese  (voluminous shapes) and the Korean love of color all influenced this collection. Still, what really stole the show was the bags.

A sweet collaboration of clear acrylic and iridescent foil totes and sequin flowers accents on satchels make the bags the standout of the show.

We loved the elongated totes with the large zip pouch which seem of the moment need to carry everything. The metal handles give an industrial look while the clear material gives an air of fun. 

Tommorrow more alternative fashion week designers.

Happy Monday! πŸ˜™

I went to 20 shows this fashion week mostly because of group shows and I can not believe how most designers resorted to gimmicks in an too obvious attempt to move the Millenial shopper to the checkout line, here are 3 things I hoped never to see but…😧


We saw this trend all over boring bags last year, bought by Millenials in droves and now you can find these micro patches on clothes particulary at David Tupaz’s show. Strange…doesn’t he do ballgowns? Tracy Reese was another designer adding patches. The horror and it is not even halloween yet!!


Why? We were horrified at the debut of Taoray Taoray, Taoray Wang’s younger line that had none of her classic minimal style but seemed a combination of Versace meets The hood. 

Then a certain Project Runway Alumini surprised by totally changing his aesthetic  (complete 180) and wasn’t even prepared!


We know Millenials hate sparkle and abhors sequin but still love those quirky festival looks. So enter cheap lame and carnival looks at….dear I say it..David Tupaz again.

And it gets worst..

We will chronicle the bit falls of fashion week all week long next month so come back often!!

Happy Hump Day 

Y πŸ˜™

This fashion week was so full of millenial gimmicks that I can say that out of 20 shows I saw, only 5 moved me. Pamella Rowland was not one of them.  Full of fashion hat tricks like the forever impractical feathers and the hard to care for sequin ( which I usually love) was somehow uneventful and over done. 

It was not even the worst part; it was the silhouettes that were old and outdated. Who wears pencil skirt dresses anymore? Also, there were cape dresses with shoulder detail. The above dress is a little too long and come spring, everyone will have to run to a tailor. A simple length to the ankle would have turned it from models only dress to any woman dress.

The best looks were infused with glitter and sheer detail proving that she could pull off young and sexy. Can I have an entire collection of the above dress?

Happy Monday

Yvette πŸ˜™

We finally ditch the no-make up, makeup trends with bright and bold accents that have all of us layering on colors and metallics. Here are the three makeup trends, we are dying to try this fall!

The idea is to use bold metallics, bronze, gold and silver to a smoky eye of your choice. Of course, we saw lower key looks at Nicholas K, LES COPAINS, and Laura Biagiotti but the look also got the artist treatment at Chirstian Siriano. Play with the look and find what is your comfort zone.

We love bold lips!! This fall the darker the better!! And for an added bonus, it is so universal, skin tone wise!!!


We are in love with playing with our nails!! So we love the look here which is just do whatever crazy thing you want!!!

As always, if you try these look, #tfgfall and you could be featured on our instagram page!!

Happy Hump Day πŸ’‹

The Spring 2018 shows are around the corner but we have fall shopping to do. So this week we are blogging about fall trends easy on the wallet. 

School girl goes straight from Spring to Fall with overalls paired with turtlenecks. There are so many variations, every style can pull it off!! Here are some tips:

1. School girl does not mean Jr. or High school, add varsity detail for a college school girl look. This look is best for causal dress styles.
2. If  you love goth, a black dress with a peter pan collar can be school girl with an addition of long socks, mary janes and a peacoat.

3. Overalls can be used for a more chic school girl look. 

4. Play with separates!! Collared button diwns with a flare skirt can be cute and school girl if paires right!!

We can safely say that florals, sheers and artfully place cutouts have been the basic go-to designs for Spring for so long they are no longer a trend. So what is new? Based on the sign of the times, here are 3 trends we think will crop up at NYFW in the coming 2 weeks!! 

Colored Camouflage 

Everytime war seems on the horizon, camouflage comes back into the limelight. We sense that designers will switch it up by changing the green and brown hue to a kaleidoscope of color combinations and of course, add it to their Spring lineup.


Opulent looks are so Fall but we think lame and other light weight shimmer and shine enducing fabrics will be on display this season. The love of the 70’s, the decade of rebellion as paired with our own return to public protest will be the catalyst for this trend.

Embellished Denim

Okay, it is no secret we Americans love jeans but the rip and torn trend may be replaced with a more opulent preference like sequin, embriodery or patches. We even may see some punk elements like studs and chain motifs. As Millenials get older, they still want to be youthful but want to appear more thoughtful on what they actually wear.

This has been a long week and so far we have 8 shows in the pipeline with 2 weeks left for invites. We are watching our inboxes!

Happy Friyay!!

Yvette Estime

We never thought punk was a style but more a way to convey originality while voicing your distain for the modern ethos. Somehow, fashion has made it tangible, bringing the attitude, sense of rebellion and the yearning to break free of society’s norms into fall clothing and accessories.

We love what Michael Kors is doing with Jimmy Choo, taking it back from manufacturers while Coach’s identity crisis seems more palpable. 

Although, some elements are cliche (more safety pin motifs..😩), some other brands have gone instellar to create cool vibes.  Here is a list of a few brands who added a spin:

During Amsterdam fashion week, Ibileye designer,  Sophia Bentoh combined Punk elements with her African roots creating mixed print clothing that somehow worked.

While Markus Lupfer combined sweet and preppy elements to punk as a nod to 70’s glam rock and a more modern preppy print of houndstooth rather than the overused plaid.

Below, Fenty by Puma adds street style vibes to a punk stable of plaid. What is yout punk inspiration for fall? #tfgpunkvip on instagram post and you could be featured on our blog!!!

After we spent several years making fun of unflattering wide leg, high waist and high crotch jeans; they finally have come into fashion with edgy names like tomboy, tomcat or stovepipe, just to name a few. Still, some brands call them mom. 

Luckily, mom jeans have gotten a makeover beyond the name with cool knee slashes, cuffs and more taper legs. We are even digging the fringe pant leg dets.

Here are tips of rocking these once forbidden silhouettes:

  1. Sweet add ons like lace cameos exaggerated the legs.
  2. Cropped tops make you look taller so add crop sweatshirts to bring style from Spring to Fall.
  3. STAY away from long jackets and coats.

As always if you take our tips, please #mjtfg to be featured on our instagram.

Happy Friday 

Yvette πŸ’‹

It is so that trends for women have seeped into men fashion so gradually, no one even noticed. Today, we see helm the quilted look for fall 2017 and how to rock it. We picked a quilted pants ans jacket combo here but the look also comes in play with shirts as well. Here are some don’ts on wearing this trend:

  • One element should be not be bulky. Wear pants with a streamline sweater or a quilted top with wide leg pants.
  • Do not go superslim in any element. Skinny jeans and fitted tees are not suggested. 
  • If the quilted outerwear passes your knees, do not wear quilted pants.

As always, if you try out this look tag us on instagram #tfgquilted and you could be featured on our instagram page.

Happy Monday,


We barely covered why this was one of a few trends that popped up everywhere during men and women fashion week.

The West was a simple of American spirit since the gold rush (and now better job prospects) drew us to California. No surprise that American brands like Coach have embraced the dual sex trend (even though brand is now run by UK born Stuart Vevers). According to the show notes for Coach’s fall 2017 runway,

Vevers found inspiration in “the Great American outdoors” as well as “early New York hip-hop,”

What could be more American? Odd the forecast was for less cowhide early this year but it looks like American spirit is still in full force. Other brands to embrace cow hide include Calvin Klien, Ashley Williams, House of Holland and Balmain. Yep, not just American brands are getting into Western wear. 

So dorn the cow this fall and watch vegans cringe.

Happy Friday,

Yvette πŸ’‹